Anger, confusion after Air Canada ordered 20 plus passengers from Montreal-to-London flight

LONDON – Anger and confusion are rising at Air Canada after the airline scheduled 25 passengers on a Monday night flight from Montreal to London with what some of them on board claim was “no explanation at all.”

Jess McFadyen said the plane had been sitting on the tarmac for about an hour waiting to depart when police arrived on board around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday and began removing passengers from the plane to Heathrow.

“There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for it,” McFadyen, a passenger on the plane, said in an interview with Star. “They just chose at random and went, yes, you have to go.”

The captain then informed the remaining passengers that the passengers had been removed for “safety reasons” for “not following the airport’s instructions,” McFadyen said.

Passengers sitting near those who were thrown out were told it had to do with the airline’s mask policy, McFadyen said, but travelers and relatives of passengers on social media say that at least some of the people who were removed, diligently wore masks. (While the UK has scrapped its mask mandate on aircraft, Canada still requires air passengers to wear face masks on board).

Among those forced to leave tables were a young family of four, an elderly couple and a pregnant woman, she said.

A spokesman for Montreal Trudeau International Airport confirmed to Star that the airport patrol responded to “a situation aboard a plane on the evening of June 20 and escorted passengers out of the plane at the request of the captain and crew,” but declined to give further details. .

“We regret that some customers who were not involved were unfortunately caught in this situation, which we are continuing to investigate internally,” Air Canada told Star.

“We will keep in touch with them to provide additional assistance as needed.”

Jess McFadyen was on a flight from Montreal to London, where more than 20 passengers were removed.

Some of the passengers on board the plane, AC 866, were employees of Formula 1 teams returning home after the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. They were quick to express their dissatisfaction on social media.

“Shocking treatment of many people on AC866,” tweeted Jay Egan, an engineer for Red Bull Racing.

Tuesday, the British publication Motorsport Week tweeted that one of its employees was among passengers removed from the Heathrow flight without giving a reason, calling the service “absolutely awful.”

Patrick Brailey wrote further Twitter that his parents, aged 71 and 66, were “escorted by armed police” out of the plane and left “stranded” in the terminal in the middle of the night while their luggage continued the journey to London.

He added that his parents were told they were not allowed to fly Air Canada for 24 hours and that “any future travel is their responsibility when they were relieved.”

Brailey confirmed that his parents are now safe at home, after rebooking for £ 1300 with Air Transat.


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