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Affiliate Marketing – Getting Started – Made Easy

There is incredible money to be made in the field of affiliate marketing and it’s no secret that it is one of the cheapest and easiest online businesses to start from home. You just need a computer with an internet connection and a little time and knowledge and you can be your own boss. And who doesn’t want to be their own boss, getting to set their hours and do what they want to do – when they want to do it? If affiliate marketing is something you want to get into, the following steps and tips will help you get there in no time at all.

Figure out what you want to sell. You need a product or service to promote.

This is the very first thing you need to do. You need to figure out what you want to sell. Maybe it’s a product or service related to something you’re passionate about – a hobby or sport perhaps. Or maybe you are more methodical in your product selection and pour over the listings and sales information in eBay to find strong sellers or hot new items and then choose to promote them. However you select a product, you just need to select one and it’s a good idea to do a little checking on your chosen product or service to make sure there is a good market for it. There is no point in promoting a product that barely anyone is buying.

Get Your Website.

Now that you’ve selected a product or service to promote (and are sure there are affiliate programs that support it) you need to get a website. While you can technically promote affiliate offers without owning your own website, you won’t make much money doing it. If you are serious about building your affiliate business, you need at least one site of your own. There are a few basic steps to get your website up and running:

• Purchase a domain name. In order to have a website you need to purchase the domain name or URL. Be smart and choose a name that directly relates to the keyword or keywords of your product and intended website. GoDaddy and NameCheap are two reliable sources for this.

• Purchase Hosting. Owning your own domain name does nothing for you if you do not have it hosted somewhere. Hosting actually puts your website out there for everyone to see. Hosting is typically not expensive and many domain name registrar services like GoDaddy also offer hosting services. Conversely, many hosting companies also offer to help you buy domain names. Some of my favorites are SuperGreen Hosting and HostGator.

• Design and Upload Your Website. After you’ve gotten your domain name and hosting, you need to link the two by updating DNS server information (if purchased at different places) and then see about designing your website. You can pay someone to design your website for you if you’ve got money to spare, but free templates work great. My personal recommendation is to use “Fantastico De Luxe” which is a software application found in your Control Panel or Cpanel of your hosting account. By using Fanastico De Luxe you can install WordPress (WP) on your website and use that as your platform. WP is hugely customizable and very easy to use. More than that, WP is known as a blogging platform and Google loves blogs.

Get an Auto-responder

So, ok. You’ve chosen a product or service, gotten your website up and going, that’s it, right? You just sit back and watch the money come in? Wrong. Well, you could but you’re likely not going to make a ton of money that way. Help improve your business by using an auto-responder. Auto-responders are designed to capture the email addresses of your visitors enabling you to email them at a later time. Your emails might offer helpful tidbits related to your product or website. They could be in the form of newsletters, but the most effective way to make money using auto-responders is to use them in your marketing campaigns. With the click of a button you can send out an email notifying your customers about a sale or great promotion. The more contacts you have with your customers, the better. You want to build confidence and trust while at the same time ‘talking-up’ the products and services you are promoting. The goal is to get them to buy eventually.

As part of using an auto-responder, you need to create a capture-page. This is a separate page on your website where you can “capture” your user’s information. This is how you get their email address.

Get Traffic

Traffic is your friend. You want it. Once your website is up, you can use various traffic generation techniques to help drive more traffic to your site. Keep in mind, these typically take a bit of time to work, but are well worth the effort.

Look for Related Niche Products to Promote

You’ve started making money with your affiliate website, and that’s great, but do you want more? Would you like to see those commission checks grow? Add additional pages to your affiliate website to promote other related products. Only promote one item or service per page.

The affiliate marketing business is a hot one for sure. There are many people making money hand-over-fist. You can be one of those people if you have the time and dedication to make it happen. The above steps and tips can help you on the journey to build and grow a successful affiliate marketing business of you own. Your success is all up to you. You’ve got the tools and information now go start earning those commissions!

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