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5 Reasons Why Keywords Should Be in Domain Names

Should I have my Keywords in my domain name? Yes!

Whenever possible, your primary key words should be in your domain name. It’s not always possible but if you take your time you might be able to get close to achieving that goal.

You say why? Search engines should always be on the brain in spite of what you here others say. Always do as much as you possible can to increase you chances of getting being found in search engines. Keywords in domain names give search engines clear intentions of your web site’s plan and purpose.

Why not help search engines help you by having keywords in your domain names when possible?

Does this scenario fit you? You come up with an idea that you think is great and will make a great website. You immediately do a search to see if the domain name is available. It’s available so you quickly purchase it because you think someone else is going to get it.

You can’t believe the domain name hasn’t already been purchased and you own it now. You wonder why it hasn’t been purchased by now. There was a big Internet craze in the 90’s and most of the cool dot-com names were purchased.

You research the domain name using the Google search tool and find out very few people search for the domain name you chose. The research indicates a broad search of a hundred and sixty people per month typing in your new domain name.

160 searches per month won’t bring any kind of significant traffic to your website. We all know that a web site without traffic is lonely website and pretty much a dead website. You start to doubt the domain name you chose.

It sounded good when you thought of it and it fit the website plan you had in mind to create. You check the exact search phrase amount using the Google search tool and the number of exact searches are whittled down to about sixty searches per month.

Now you really doubt if you chose the right domain name for your website. Only sixty searches per month for the domain name you chose. That’s worse than the broad search count and more accurate because it’s the exact phrase. You rationalize the fact that the domain name only cost you about ten dollars and that’s not too much money.

It’s not a bad investment but now you have ten domain names you’re never going to use and that comes to about a hundred dollars in cost. The hundred dollars you spent on domain names could have gotten you hosting for a website for at least a year.

You dig further and discover you only need to add an “s” to make your domain name plural and you’ll get about two thousand more searches per month to your website. So you rush back to your domain search tool to see if the domain name is available with an “s” and find out it’s been taken by someone else.

You discover it was registered by a company five years ago but they never built a website using the domain name and it’s for sale. They want three thousand dollars for the domain name and you think that’s just crazy! No way will you pay that amount to get that domain name. The excitement you originally had slowly dies and you rationalize that your idea really wasn’t that great after all.

Now you’re back to square one, looking for a new domain name. It’s time to go back to the think tank and create a website plan. You realize you need to find the clear intentions and clear goal of your website before you build it.

Five reasons why domain registration names should be comprised of your websites main keywords.

1. It gives search engines the clear intentions of your website.

2. It gives your visitors the clear intentions of your website.

3. It gives you clear intentions of your website.

4. It saves money by purchasing one domain name.

5. It gives you a chance to brand the name of your website.

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