5 easy food adjustments at home to keep you on the pink of health

Protein plays an important role in repairing and regenerating the cells in your body. After Dr. According to Siddhan, protein is one of the most important macronutrients that can be found in several foods. To further explain his point, he says: “If you do not eat food for 12 hours, and then when you start eating, what should one component be in your food? The answer is ‘Protein’. I have started my meal with eggs for the last 15 years now, but if you belong to a vegetarian household that is a typical vegetarian household, what do they have then? Let’s say you had Poha, Upma, Dosa and Sandwich, this forms your typical breakfast. you find most in this breakfast are carbohydrates.Poha, Upma, are all energizing substances but they lack protein.So what you can do to compensate for this is to start including nuts in your breakfast.I know nuts “is a source of fat, but they are also a source of protein. Start including curd in your breakfast. Dahi is in my opinion also a very underrated source of protein.”

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